Monday, September 2, 2013

Old garage demolition

I'm a little behind on the posts, but it has been a busy summer. We have started the building of a new garage. One that we can park both cars in and have room for storage. Yay!

In order to do this, we first had to get rid of the old garage. You might be thinking "How bad could the old garage be?" Well, it was not very functional. Only one door opened, as the other was blocked by support beams holding up the main part of the garage. Also, the floor was just wooden boards placed right on the dirt and the entire structure leaned a little to the left. It was time for it to go.
The old garage - only the larger door opened

The inside of the lean-to section. Braces supporting the main garage
prevent this side from being useful for anything but storage.

Almost done! A final push (literally) and clean-up is all that is needed.

The Mr. (with some help from me and his parents) did a great job of getting the interior stripped. My Dad made the trip to Edmonton to help with the rest of the demolition and start on the new construction. With a some elbow grease and a final push we got the garage down. It took a few days to dispose of all the waste and shovel up all the sawdust insulation that was in the walls, but we did it. Now onto the site preparation for the new and improved garage!

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