Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More garage demolition

This deserves its own post because the Mr. was so excited to be able to use the jackhammer to finish the garage demolition. There was a concrete curb that acted as a pseudo-foundation for the old garage. Using the jackhammer to break it up and then some elbow grease to haul it away, we got rid of the last of the garage.
So happy!
I was also very happy when a fellow we found on Kijiji came and hauled away all the scrap metal from the garage. It was satisfying to have everything cleared away from the site and be ready to move on to building.
Burning some of the final debris and relaxing after a long week of demolition.


  1. These posts are great; I also love this picture. Way to go Derek!
    Your blog is the next best thing to being nearby and hearing the stories in person. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on all your progress.
    If you're accepting votes, I prefer the dark purple as an accent colour over the red.

    Hugs from Ont.
    -Sariina, William & the kids.