Sunday, February 17, 2013

Interior painting

Not loving these colours
We were really happy with most of the interior paint colours in the house. As mentioned previously, there was only one room that we really wanted to re-paint. It had been a little girl's room, but the bright green and purple just wasn't working for us. We picked out a nice blue and decide to do 2 walls in that colour and 2 walls the same colour as the hallway.

Thankfully the Mr. had a the week off before the move, so he volunteered (was volun-told) that he would start the painting and I would help finish when I had time. I gave him a call near the end of the first painting day to see how it had gone and he told me that he had almost finished priming all 6 walls. There was a long pause on my end of the phone and I asked what he meant by all 6 walls? We only planned on repainting 4 walls. I guess we had a bit of a mis-communication, because he thought we were repainting all the walls that were not already the neutral hallway colour. oops! Oh well, for a little more work, it turned out alright. Off we went to Home Depot to pick another paint colour for the new walls on our re-painting list.

Oops! I guess we are repainting these walls now.
The blue turned out nicely. Two more walls didn't take that much time.
The Mr. hard at work.

The end result being that the blue colour went in the room we weren't originally going to repaint (now the guest room), and the Mr. chose a soft green that looks nice in what will be our office/craft room.

Next item on the list is to replace the crystal chandeliers with the light fixtures that match the rest of the house. Thankfully the previous owners left the original light fixtures behind. We just need to get up on the ladder and change them.


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  1. Ohhh, I can just picture that phone conversation...hahah! The walls look great...was it hard to choose colours? I'd imagine I'd be in front of the paint chip wall for hours.